HomeBuilder Grant and Building Bonus Now Available

Building your new home at Austin Lakes just became even easier with $45K in government incentives now available.

The Federal Government’s new $25k HomeBuilder Grant, and the additional $20k State Government Building Bonus* are just two of the savings now available. While these Grants are available to all new home builders who qualify, if you’re a first home buyer you could also be eligible for more!

Time to Stop Renting!

Wondering if you can live a more independent life as a home owner? Here’s an example of how you could save on a $281,590 House & Land Package at Austin Lakes.

Federal Govt HomeBuilder Grant $25,000
State Govt HomeBuilder Grant $20,000
First Home Owner Grant $10,000
Stamp Duty Concession $2,508
TOTAL SAVINGS $57,508***
Reduces the package price to $224,082!

Plus, all purchasers receive a front landscaping and fencing package!^


So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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Call 9473 2311 or email or

Check if you qualify for the government incentives by visiting the Treasury website and WA State Govt website.


*The information provided above is general information only. You are responsible for making your own inquiries concerning your eligibility for any grants, incentives, contributions or stimulus (Government Grants).      The example savings shown above are for advertising purposes only and is not representative of actual or anticipated savings or repayments. Sample calculations are based on common information available at time of publication, and could differ between applicants, lenders and vary according to market conditions.

Eligibility for any Governments Grants is independent of and not a pre-condition of any House and Land package contract. Nothing above constitutes any representation that any House and Land Package contract will be concluded in time for a Buyer to obtain any Government Grants and the Seller will not be responsible for any delays impacting on obtaining any Government Grants.

Before taking any action based on any information in this brochure or entering into House and Land Package contract, we recommend that you seek specific independent professional advice in relation to your unique circumstances.

^Terms and conditions apply. As a landowner at Austin Lakes, you are provided with a fencing and landscaping package, provided you comply with the terms of your Contract of Sale and the following mandatory requirements:

  • Submission of a copy of the plans for a dwelling prior to commencement of construction for approval.
  • Completing the construction of a dwelling in accordance with the Restrictive Covenants and Design Handbook within twenty-four (24) months from settlement.
  • Complete the Landscaping Check List and submit directly to Instant Gardens at (08 9303 9220). Do not submit this checklist to Wolfdene Design Review Committee (WDRC). A copy of the Landscaping Check List can be downloaded from the Austin Lakes Website.
  • Complete the Fencing Voucher and submit to A copy of the Fencing Voucher can be downloaded from the Austin Lakes Website.